Body Language Seminar Weekend 14th & 15th July 2012

Body Language Course 

14th & 15th July 2012 at the University of East London (TBC)

Easy access to mainline railway stations with hotels nearby.

Body Language: “It’s What You Don’t Say That Matters”

Is the title of my new book and below are a few video clips covering just a fraction of what you’ll be learning of the weekend.

Join me for this unique opportunity to learn how to make your body language work for you in social situations, business dealings and all manner of other everyday encounters.

Here’s just a fraction of what I’ll be covering throughout the two days:

1) Childhood Learning And Understanding

2) Left and Right Brain Processing

3) The Face, Eyes, Smiles, Mouth

4) Hands, Fingers, Arms, Legs and Foot signals

5) Presentations, Sales and Negotiation Strategies

6) Anchoring and Triggering Positive Emotions

7) Cultural Variations And Universal Expressions

8) Territory, Property, Angles and Distance

9) Sales Presentation and Negotiation Strategies

10) Hypnotic Handshake Inductions and Therapy

The results of learning this material are way to many to mention but here’s a sample of just what it can do for you:

1)  If you are in sales it will help you determine the time wasters from the real prospects building long term relationships with clients who want to do business with you

2) If you are a manager it will help you understand your staff better, which gives you more control over your team and enables you to know who is the best person for job. 

3) If you are the boss of your own Company learn how to interviews, do appraisals that count and presentations to the next level

4) If you are a therapist learn to understand the emotional states your clients go through during your sessions.

5) Learn how to build rapport at an unconscious level by using your body language and respond appropriately to any situation.

6) Learn about YODA, You, Observe, Decode and Adapt.

7) Learn the PIN Code, a system for navigating through any interaction and understanding what’s going on, when.

I know it’s a tough time financially for many people so I’ve kept the cost as low as I can and to help anyone feeling the pinch you now have a choice of two payment methods.

Option 1:

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Click the button below and pay “Non Refundable” deposit of just £50 and pay the balance when you arrive on the day, cash only please no cheques will be accepted.

Here’s some book reviews taken from the Amazon page, imagine how much you can learn over two days?
“I have just finished reading ‘Body Language, It’s what you don’t say that matters’….
Wow.. what can I say, this is a truely enlightening book!

Over the past few years I have been looking to gain knowledge on the subject of body language and have spent much time reading books related to it but none of which have even come close to this book by Robert Phipps, he certainly knows the subject well and puts his knowledge of it across perfectly….. I just couldnt put it down!! Its amazing to think that in the past two days I have felt more in control….. Yes, I gained ALL that from a book!

You HAVE to read this! :-)” Abergirl

“Forget the ‘also rans’ in this genre, ‘Body Language’is a winner by a mile. Unlike some of the other books written about body language, which can quickly become tedious, Robert Phipps has a writing style that holds your attention from start to finish. The book covers all you need to know on the subject in a clear concise way which I personally couldn’t fault. Excellent stuff” Needlzz

“Really interesting read, it’s impossible to put down once you start. It takes ‘people watching’ to a new level and is also a great tool if you come in to contact with people in your job. There is so much value in being able to know what people are feeling or thinking without them having to say it to you out loud. This book will really change how you look at everything, your life and just as importantly how you look at other people too. Brilliant book, congrats to the author.” – Mark Stewart

“I bought this for my husband for Christmas, and then read it myself. This is a great way to learn about body language, whilst applying it to different scenarios. Very well explained and particularly useful in a sales context. It isn’t long winded, and is an easy read. Most books on body language don’t go as far as to help understand how useful it can be (or not) in home/work life situations.” – Mirandag

“Mobile technology and email have shrunk the size of the world. A lot of business is now conducted at arm’s length and remotely, diminishing our face-to-face communications skills. Whilst it is now technically possible to pull off a big deal with a huge multinational, sitting home alone in our pyjamas, when that deal starts to go off course, genuine face time counts. Understanding body language is the key unlocking a secret code, exposing the thoughts, plans and actions of our fellow human beings. This insight is crucial in business and in all human relationships.

This book addresses these and many other matters on relating to ‘reading’ people and rekindling these basic human skills which have been lost in the technological age. Robert Phipps has written a superb book which should be essential reading for anyone in business or who wants to know what is really going on behind the mask.” – Moose Papoose

“I could not put it down. I can only say that this book will change your whole life and the way you look at your fellow man and woman.
Ideal for all who come into contact with others and want to read them even without hearing what the say.  Enjoy.” – Bear

“A compelling read, I couldn’t put it down! The very first paragraph gets you thinking and that doesn’t stop all the way through this fantastic book! Robert gets you to think about what you do, what you see, what you think… everything.. and in a really friendly, informative way. It’s almost as though he was there in the room with you, having a chat.

This fascinating book is well laid out, with just the right amount of information interspersed with exercises, case histories, stories and great pictures, and the summaries at the end of each chapter bring it all together.

The exercises in the book are a helpful way to really understand the techniques and approaches, and are most interesting in what they show you about yourself and others)

I loved the PIN code especially… it takes ‘people watching’ to another level and helps bring together what you have learned through the book. I doubt I will ever be bored again waiting for train or in a really dull meeting, as there will always be something to look for now.

The ideal book to carry around with you!” – Pinkwaffles

There are only 30 places available on this weekend so book now and reserve yours

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